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Warm, Comfortable Heating Solutions

There’s nothing better than cuddling up under a blanket, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, and letting the relaxing, warm air wash over you. Of course, that comfort depends upon a working heating system, which all too many take for granted. Whether you rely on a gas furnace or a simple electric area heater, you’ll notice quickly when the heater breaks down!

That’s where the kind and courteous professionals at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC come in. Not only do we provide affordable means to restore broken heating, we also offer ways to extend the life of your existing system. That’s just one of many reasons why countless local homeowners and businesses come to our Vacaville, CA heating company every year. If you need reliable assistance today, call our team at 707-689-5128.

Dependable Heating Services

From the latest efficient heat pumps to the traditional gas furnace, we support all of your heating systems! That means you can come to our team for practically any challenge you may be facing. Your personal HVAC technician will assess the problem and supply you with affordable solutions, so that you can make an informed choice that fits your budget.


Prompt Heater Repair Service

Fast, reliable service makes all the difference for your HVAC system. When a faulty part forces your heater to slow down, the entire system strains itself to continue normal function. This accelerates part wear in other segments of your furnace (or boiler, etc.), and rapidly consumes extra energy. The end result is a worn down system and a scary utility bill, unless a trained HVAC professional takes care of the problem early on.

So how does A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC make sure that our team can provide both prompt and reliable heating services? First, we have on-call technicians available 24/7 for emergency situations. Second, we maintain an extensive collection of replacement parts. In other words, we arrive on site quickly, with all the tools we’ll need to get the job done then and there!

Installation and Replacement

Heating Appliance Installation

Take two furnaces with the same brand, model, and maintenance plan. One lasts for 12 years, the other for 20. What’s the difference between the two? Quality installation.

When a professional carefully examines the duct lines, connections, room dimensions, and other key elements to plan an installation project, you can feel confident about the future of your system. When heater services rush through to try to get to their next job? Not so much.

That’s why it pays to bring your furnace, boiler, heat pump, and electric heat system to our trusted HVAC technicians! Each of our heater services starts with discussion of your goals, detailed measurements, and product/need matching. Even before installation begins, you’ll see why so many homeowners come to our Vacaville, CA heating company. You’ll love the long-term results and efficiency too!


Affordable Maintenance Options

While installation ensures proper functionality for your heating system, maintenance guarantees continued health. Dirty parts, clogged filters, and other hazards can drain your central heating system’s efficiency, leading to spikes in energy consumption. Leaky ductwork takes an especially heavy toll on your monthly utility bills by wasting air and forcing longer run times to warm your home.

Our team at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC offers several convenient solutions for your ongoing maintenance. Ask about these heating services by calling us at 707-689-5128!

Our Local Solutions

  • Central Heating System Repair Contact our skilled HVAC technicians to schedule repairs or retrofits for your central heating systems!
  • Gas Furnace Replacement Looking to upgrade an existing furnace or install one for the first time? We’d love to help you make your system last.
  • Electric Heat System Repair Not everyone requires house-wide heating. Our area heating solutions allow you to save money and effort!
  • Electric Furnace Replacement With widespread access to electricity, anyone can enjoy these efficient furnace systems! Talk with us about finding your solution.
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Find Your Convenient Heater Services!

Our friendly staff at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC would love to answer questions, or help you arrange service at a time that’s convenient for your busy schedule! All it takes is a brief call to our local office at 707-689-5128. If you like, feel free to see what other homeowners and businesses have to say about our Vacaville, CA heating company in the reviews. Just remember, the sooner you contact us for your service, the faster we can get to work and provide relief.