Whole House Humidifier Service

Humidifier Emitting Steam Into a Dark Roofm

Creating a Comfy Home Environment

When most homeowners think of air conditioning and heating problems, they rarely consider humidity. However, moisture plays a major role in both your HVAC systems effectiveness and your family’s comfort. Without ample humidity, your home can quickly transform into an itchy, dry nightmare. To help you combat dryness, our team at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC offers whole house humidifier installation in Vacaville, CA and the surrounding communities. To learn more about how your family can benefit, talk with one of our specialists at 707-689-5128!

Whole House Humidifier Installation

Interior dryness is often the product of the area's natural climate, combined with poor air circulation indoors. The effects of dryness may impact property inside your home, or even the health of family members. Our whole house humidifiers tackle moisture levels in each and every room, instead of just the common area.


Benefits of a House-wide Humidifier

There are several benefits to glean from a whole home humidifier. First of all, humidifiers combat interior home damage related to dry air. As overly dry air circulates throughout your home, it pulls moisture from doors, wooden flooring, furniture, and other property elements. Warping and cracking are common side effects of this problem, but a humidifier elevates moisture to safer levels.

You’ll also notice wonderful health benefits from correcting the low moisture levels. Humidifiers help prevent dry skin, nasal irritation, and even painful static shocks! If you’ve dealt with any of these problems in the last few months, talk with a A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC expert about a potential whole home humidifier installation.

Humidifier Types

Types of Whole Home Humidifiers

Two key categories of humidifiers exist on the residential market: power and bypass.

Power humidifiers generally cost a little more than bypass variants, in exchange for a higher capacity. These systems operate on their own electric-powered fan to distribute moisture throughout the house. Because of its self-sustaining design, power humidifiers can run independently of the HVAC system. Homeowners with larger properties often choose this type.

Bypass humidifiers, on the other hand, utilize your existing airflow to distribute moisture. That means the system depends on an air handler or furnace to drive the humidity throughout your house. Some bypass systems allow you to tailor your moisture settings according to personal preference. If you decide on a bypass model, just make sure that your air ducts are properly sealed before your whole house humidifier installation!

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