Whole House Air Purification

Woman Lies in Bed Due to Sickness

Cool, Clean Air For Your Home

Many homeowners worry about the quality of the air outside, but they don’t even consider what’s going on inside. Indoors, impurities face a much stronger chance of getting trapped inside the air conditioning system, getting recirculated throughout the house again and again.

While a strong filtration system helps lower the risks produced by these impurities, filters must be cyclically replaced. They also can’t target certain airborne pathogens, which may cause sickness. At A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC, our Vacaville, CA whole house air purification solutions offer helpful tools for protecting your family. To learn more, call 707-689-5128!

Why Consider Air Purification?

Air purity greatly impacts our quality of life. While many allergens become trapped in filters or carpeting, others continually flow through the air until they are inhaled by family members. They produce a variety of unpleasant health effects, such as irritated breathing, sneezing, itchy eyes, and grogginess.

Air purification helps reduce many of these problems. However, the most important function of purification is neutralizing airborne pathogens. These include bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Air purification eliminates many of these illness-causing hazards that may flow through the duct lines. That’s good news for large families and family members with weakened immune systems!

Whole House Air Purification Installation

While installing a filter might be a simple project for homeowners, installing a purification system is best left to a certified HVAC technician. They will ensure that the additional equipment doesn’t interfere with normal heating and cooling function. Before they complete their work, our professionals at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC carefully test your purification system to make ensure optimal performance.

After all, our team understands that this represents a significant investment towards your family health. We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with your new whole house air purification appliance.

Breath Easy With Air Purification!

If you’ve been concerned about the quality of your air, why worry any longer? Talk with a courteous member of our team at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC about whole house air purification in Vacaville, CA. You’ll love the refreshingly clean air and the wonderful peace of mind! Call us today at 707-689-5128. Be sure to ask about our whole house humidifiers if your home gets overly dry.