High Velocity Mini Duct System Services

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Why Consider Mini Ducts?

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to heating and cooling. In fact, large HVAC systems can be a real headache when the time comes for installation or maintenance. By smaller, more flexible systems, homeowners can get just as much functionality (sometimes more) while consuming a smaller amount of space.

That’s where mini ducts come in handy. Instead of large, bulky, and easily punctured tubes connecting the air vents, our mini duct work utilizes small, flexible small enough to fit into walls. Of course, the minuscule size isn’t the only perk worth getting excited about! To learn more about our high velocity mini duct system installation in Vacaville, CA, call our friendly staff at 707-689-5128!

Professional System Installation

Traditional forced air systems rely on much large tubes (up to 18 inches round), sometimes requiring homeowners to open holes in the ceiling or walls. In contrast, the tubing used in high velocity systems come in at a mere two to four inches in circumference. Flexible materials allow them to easily maneuver through tight spaces.

These tubes spread throughout the home, ending in discrete 2 inch vents that blow air into each room. Despite the smaller size of the vents and duct work, high velocity mini duct systems circulate air faster than traditional forced air units. If you’re tired of large, dirty air vents causing distractions, these small openings are a wonderful upgrade!

Mini duct lines also enable much easier changes to your existing HVAC system. Thanks to the lower space requirements, extending your ducts into new rooms is much easier than with traditional duct sizes. The next time you're looking to add cooling power to the garage, converted bathroom, etc., consider a hassle-free mini duct addition.

High Velocity Mini Duct System Repair

At A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC, we offer a wide range of services to support your heating and cooling system. That includes, installation, repair, and additions to your high velocity mini duct system. If you’re concerned about a potential duct leak or hardware damage in the air handler, feel free to contact our local professionals for diagnosis and repair service.

Simply call our team at 707-689-5128 and ask about high velocity mini duct system installation in Vacaville, CA.