Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

An Energy Efficient HVAC Unit Sits Outside

Conserving Energy, Saving Money

Did you know that your air conditioning and heating systems consume more energy than any other appliances in your home? In fact, your HVAC system accounts for almost 50% of your property’s daily energy usage (on average). That’s some serious money! Clever homeowners however, use this knowledge to empower their energy savings plan. Think about it: if your heating and cooling systems consume the most energy, then any improvements you make will have powerful effects towards your monthly budget. That’s where our Vacaville, CA energy efficient HVAC installation services come in handy! To learn more, simply contact our team at 707-689-5128.

Crafting an Energy Efficiency Plan

As with any home improvement project, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to constructing an energy conservation plan. Unlike what some HVAC companies will tell you, not everyone needs the most energy efficient system available on the market. However, there is great value in upgrading older heating and cooling systems to an HVAC solution with a higher SEER rating.

SEER compares air conditioning output against the amount of energy consumed. The higher the rating – modern HVAC systems range from scores of 13 to 25 – the more efficient the product. Even a solution with a 13 SEER score offers significant energy savings when upgrading from an aging system (10 years or older).

Supporting Your HVAC System

Let’s say you install a new and improved air conditioning unit with a high SEER score. Does that guarantee optimum efficiency for your home? Actually, no. Several other aspects of your HVAC system impact your energy consumption.

Does your home have leaky air ducts? If so, the Department of Energy says that up to 30% of your heating and cooling energy costs may be coming from the wasted air. When conditioned air leaks out of your duct work, your HVAC system must compensate by running longer. Repairing and sealing leaky ducts greatly improves energy savings!

A consistent maintenance routine also offers huge benefits for your system's energy consumption. A dirty, clogged HVAC system makes for a veritable energy sponge, which means unnecessary spikes in your energy bill. The good news is that simple maintenance tasks, such as coil cleaning and filter changes, cost very little time or money to complete.

Want to learn more about energy efficient HVAC installation in Vacaville, CA? Talk with one of our A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC specialists at 707-689-5128. They’ll be thrilled to help you create a working efficiency plan for your home’s HVAC system!