Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

A Woman Trying to Get Cool During an HVAC Emergency

Fast Results During a Crisis

Sometimes, you simply can’t wait for normal business hours. At A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC, we understand how exhausting, frustrating, and downright scary an air conditioning emergency can be. Without functional cooling, your normal day could be turned into a nightmare. That’s why our team wants to ensure that you always have someone to call for quick results. Our emergency air conditioner repair in Vacaville, CA and nearby areas (such as Vallejo and Fairfield), means that you have 24/7 access to a qualified technician. If you’re in an emergency, don’t wait any longer. Call 707-689-5128 and get relief.

Should I Call for Emergency Repair?

In the middle of a frustrating situation, it can be hard to tell whether your circumstances call for emergency service. With that being said, delayed action in an HVAC crisis could result in hours of severe discomfort or even extensive hardware damage. Answer these three simple questions, and you'll know very quickly if a situation warrants an emergency call.

  • Will I (or my family) be in danger if I delay service?
  • Is my property vulnerable to further immediate damage.
  • Will the relief and avoided property damage be worth the cost?

On freezing cold winter nights or sizzling hot summer days, there are legitimate health risks to consider, especially for older family members. In some cases, leaks and other part failures could result in extensive damage to the rest of your HVAC system. Mold and mildew growth may also be a potential threat. Consider whether or not the risks you are facing require immediate attention, or if they can wait for a normal repair appointment.

What to Expect

What to Expect With Emergency Service

In emergency situations, our team at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC places top priority on quick response times and lasting results. Yes, we want to get there as swiftly as possible, but our technicians also need to be properly equipped to address the problem. That’s why we carry assorted HVAC supplies for immediate heater or air conditioner parts replacement.

As soon as our on-call professional arrives, they’ll get straight to assessing your system. Keep in mind, that one problem may have multiple causes. An AC unit blowing hot air might seem like an issue with the thermostat, but your system could have a coolant leak instead. Our technicians won’t wish to make assumptions without properly inspecting your system first. After they’ve diagnosed the problem, they’ll talk with you about your best options and get started on the emergency air conditioner repair.

How Emergencies Happen

Causes of HVAC Emergencies

Leaks are an ever-pressing issue that plagues many homeowners throughout the United States. While they may not have the immediate effect that plumbing failures produce, extended leaks could threaten your home. As moisture builds in the area around your HVAC unit (especially indoor models), condensation may damage the surrounding wood, spill out onto floors or ceiling spaces, or simply stagnate. Besides wood rot, there’s also the risk of mildew and mold spore proliferation.

In most cases, emergencies stem from accumulated wear brought on by one or two isolated part failures. In other words: things start small but spiral out of control. Perhaps a worn evaporator coil or a faulty thermostat is to blame. Over time, relatively minor problems place added stress on your HVAC system. Eventually these small irritations graduate into full-fledged emergencies.

Call For Emergency Repairs Now!

Ready to take control of your crisis? Talk with one of our helpful staff members at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC and ask for your emergency air conditioner repair in Vacaville, CA! You can also come to our team for heating problems. Call us today at 707-689-5128!