Central A/C Repair

Outside Portion of an AC Unit

Qualified Repairs and Maintenance

Depending on your brand and model, an AC unit may last anywhere between 15 to 25 years. With that being said, air conditioning systems require continued maintenance and the occasional repair to continue functioning as intended. Parts wear down at an uneven rate, making part replacement inevitable. When those days come, you’ll want a qualified HVAC technician managing the crucial process. To learn more about central air conditioner repair in Vacaville, CA, consult with one of our seasoned professionals at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC! All it takes is one call to 707-689-5128.

Air Conditioner Repairs

Qualified, seasoned HVAC professionals aim for long-term results following repairs. If you’ve ever had a technician visit your home, prescribe repairs, and finish the job only to have to come back the next day, you’ll know how frustrating the experience can be! Because we desire to become your go-to service for central air conditioner repair (and other HVAC solutions), we take adequate time to properly identify and address the root cause of each client’s specific problem(s). The results speak for themselves, but our happy customers do a nice job too!

Our Standard Repair Process

To begin, our technicians start with a thorough inspection of your central air conditioner. This allows us to uncover any deeper problems that a hasty professional might have missed. Once the affected parts have been discovered, our technician will talk you through your best options for repairs (and in some cases, replacement). Our experts strive to ensure that you’re equipped with all the information you’ll need to make an informed, cost-effective decision. We won’t ever pressure you into a given choice!

When our dedicated technician begins repairs, you can expect wonderful results for your HVAC system. They'll find exactly what your central air conditioner needs - it could be part replacement, refrigerant recharge, or even an energetic cleaning - we'll make sure your system is taken care of. You'll enjoy fresh, cool air for your home in no time!

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Ready to get started on central air conditioner repair in Vacaville, CA or a neighboring city? Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC for further information. Feel free to contact us after official hours if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Call 707-689-5128 today!