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An AC Unit Undergoes Refrigerant Recharge

Restore Cool, Cozy Air

Your air conditioning system relies on a steady supply of refrigerant to keep your home nice and comfortable. When the coolant inevitably runs low do to long-term use or a leak, your HVAC system will begin to blow warm air all the time. That’s bad news on a hot, summer day. At A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC, our technicians strive to provide prompt refrigerant recharge in Vacaville, CA. To learn more about our local services, contact our friendly staff at 707-689-5128.

Causes of Low Refrigerant

Actually, there’s generally only one cause for low refrigerant: leaking. High pressure forces coolant through the evaporator coil and compressor. However, corrosion, constant vibration, and other damaging factors may cause small holes in the system. Because of the immense pressure driving the system, it’s typically pretty easy to hear hissing noises produced by a leak.

Why is Refrigerant Crucial for AC Units?

Refrigerant constantly absorbs heat from the warm air blown across the evaporator coil. As the coolant changes from liquid to gas, it transports the heat to condenser coils to be vented. In the meantime, a compressor converts the gas coolant back into a liquid state.

Worried about that ice building up inside your HVAC system? That's a symptom of low coolant pressure. That means your system requires additional refrigerant to restore proper functionality. Without it, your air conditioner will not be able to absorb and eliminate heat effectively, leading to an increasingly warm environment.

What to Expect During a Refrigerant Recharge

While low coolant may seem like a cut and dry problem, a recharge might not always be the appropriate solution to low refrigerant. For instance, if your coils have been severely damaged, simply refilling the coolant will not fix the issue. Likewise, an old leaky system may require a refrigerant recharge, but other existing damage can make replacement more practical.

Air conditioning coolant is a costly substance; we don’t want our clients to lose money by accidentally wasting it. Rather than jumping straight into refilling your coolant, our technician will carefully examine your system to make sure a recharge is your most cost-effective option. There’s a chance that your air conditioning’s reduced functionality could be the result of leaky air ducts or another failing part.

Whatever the problem may be, you can count on our technicians at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC to get to the bottom of it and find your affordable solution! To learn more about our Vacaville, CA refrigerant recharge service, simply contact our helpful team at 707-689-5128. You’ll quickly see why so many homeowners come to us!