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Have you ever experienced a sudden shutdown of your air conditioning system… in the middle of summer? That’s one toasty road you don’t want to travel down, but our reliable HVAC technicians will be there to help you if that day ever comes! At A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC, we provide a wide variety of heating and cooling services, so that you can keep your home (and business) perfectly comfortable throughout the day.

Countless homeowners and local companies rely on our Vacaville, CA air conditioning service company for all their cooling needs. Give us a ring and find out why! You can contact our friendly staff at 707-689-5128, anytime.

Reliable Air Conditioning Solutions

Our seasoned technicians offer a variety of AC services to help you (and your family), no matter what sort of challenge you may be facing. From long-expected appliance replacements to late-night emergency situations, you can always call our team. Just remember, few air conditioning problems go away by themselves, and most only get more difficult over time. Our timely repair experts allow you to take back control of your cooling system!

Convenient Maintenance

Long-Term Maintenance Solutions

As anyone will tell you, waiting for emergencies is the most expensive way to maintain an air conditioning system. That's why countless locals utilize our maintenance services every year and plan replacements far in advance. After all, a healthy HVAC system and smaller repair budget is certainly worth the effort!


Dirty conditions, dying parts, and long-term wear all force your air conditioner to work harder to keep your home comfortable. That means elevated energy consumption and an unpleasant spike in your monthly utility bills. Regular maintenance services, such as air duct sealing and repair, guarantees that your air conditioning system continues to run efficiently.

AC Installation

AC Installation and Replacement

When the time comes to start looking for a replacement cooling system, our experts offer valuable insights for picking the ideal solution. Come to our team at A 100% Guarantee Heating and AC whenever you desire professional installation service. Whether you depend on room-by-room cooling or a central air conditioner, our technicians ensure that your new system gets an excellent start.

If you’d like additional information on the various types of AC units, or why finding the right size is so important, talk with one of our knowledgeable experts at 707-689-5128.

Our Local Services

Below, you’ll find a list of our most popular cooling services. Feel free to browse through the linked pages, or give our team a call at 707-689-5128. We’ll happily answer all of your questions about our Vacaville, CA air conditioning service company!

  • Air Conditioner Replacement Having a seasoned professional provide installation makes all the difference in protecting your home during AC unit replacement.
  • Emergency AC Repair Call our air conditioning service company day or night for those emergency situations, where repairs simply can’t wait.
  • Air Duct Sealing & Repair One of the most important tasks for maintaining energy efficiency, air duct sealing prevents expensive air leaks.
  • Whole House Air Purification Protect your family from unwanted airborne contaminants, such as allergens, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Whole House Humidifiers Proper humidity ensures that dryness won’t harm your personal health or the furniture.
  • Central AC Repairs Centralized air conditioning involves a lot of moving parts. When these wear down and stop normal cooling, call our team for quick relief!
  • High Velocity Mini-Duct Installs These ducts convey cool air much faster than traditional ducts, and they make great additions to your current system.
  • Refrigerant Recharging Without sufficient coolant in your AC unit, things can get hot very quickly. Call and see if your system requires a refrigerant recharge.
  • Energy Efficient HVAC Systems Newer systems often offer chances to conserve energy and eliminate waste. Find out which of these systems might fit your needs!
  • Indoor Air Quality Worried about the condition of your home’s air? Schedule indoor air quality testing and evaluation today!
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Our goal at Vacaville, CA is to provide you with outstanding service and lasting results. That’s why our technicians go to such great lengths to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. You’ll find the results speak for themselves, though our happy customers do a pretty good job as well!

Why don’t you give us a call today at 707-689-5128 and see about scheduling service for your home or business? Our staff would be thrilled to provide any additional information, and we’ll work to find a time that’s convenient for you. Find out for yourself why so many locals rely on our Vacaville, CA air conditioning service company.